At Ticketmaster I had the privilege of becoming an experienced Visual Storyteller. Working with senior stakeholders and product designers I've created unique design approach to communicating and problem solving to develop visual communications and presentations.  My time at Ticketmaster has allowed me to concept, prototype, annotate, and present responsive design solutions while practicing data-driven design and conducting user-testing in an agile environment.


Cancelled Events

Previously before this feature, canceled or pre-sale pages were dead ends. I was given the task of creating a page that allowed users to be able to be directed to other artists that they may be interested to keep them within the site.


Microinteraction Variations


In an attempt to allow customers to see real-time listings be bought during high traffic events, I was asked to create various micointeractions that would visually see tickets be bought.


Search Results

During a re-design of Ticketmaster.com I created multiple variations of the search results page. Through research and  user testing, I was able to come up with a concept design that was easily scannable for our customers. 


Filter Variations


Purchasing a ticket for your favorite artist should be an easy experience– most of the time though it's not. In Ticketmaster's Event Detail Page, we wanted to test various filter options that will easily help a fan find the tickets they want, where they want and for the price they want. Ticketmaster filters went through various designs and features until the final chosen by stakeholders.


Homepage Discovery

For an exploratory re-branding of the Ticketmaster.com site I was able to explore my visual concepts for the new site. My idea was to make the site visually exciting and have Ticketmaster focus more on the customer's interest in similar artists.


Pre-Event Details Page

When users come to the Event Details Page, they usually are overwhelmed and lost in an quick attempt to get the best seats at the best price. The pre-event details page allowed users to easily input the most important information needed to provide them the best results.