SugarsGone is a small startup that needed guidance in creating their brand. With the freedom to create the brand vision from scratch, research and creative visual direction lead to a pitch that was successfully chosen by the client.



SUGARSGONE is a place where sellers fund their new ambitions, while turning straw into gold. Buyers are given the opportunity to discover the culture of collectible-chic and unearth rare expertly priced high-end fashion piecesOur Sellers have style, finesse and passion. 



They know what looks good and have curated their closet to the best runways.  Their possessions are more than just ‘things’, they’re statement pieces and memories. While they could resell them on sites like RueLaLa or PoshMarket, their pieces come from a place of acute knowledge and passion for fashion & design. Their passion, and their need today to restart her life require a platform that extends beyond the typical e-commerce resale site.



SUGARSGONE is a classy, authoritative and trusting destination that gives a niche audience a platform to sell and be immersed in high-end luxury retail products. The appearance of this brand will use light colors, lush images and empowering fonts, symbolizing the renewal, giving an overall inviting look and feel.



The website will be the mission control for the brand. The layout will be a balance between eCommerce and Editorial. With the skeleton of a traditional e-commerce site, will incorporate the Editorial element with interviews,written and video posts, thought leadership and personal stories of sellers.

This is where the entire look and feel of the brand will come together. Instead of being overwhelmed with the push to buy, the site becomes an experience. Users will begin to engage with the brand and be involved in the growing community.



All social media should be cohesive and represent the brand’s look as well as its’ mission. All photos should be a mix of product and lifestyle. Twitter posts should have weekly uplifting/inspirational quotes along side it’s normal feed. Social media pushes brands to an extremely public platform and can often be the first thing a potential customer sees of your brand, making it crucial to have a united presence that sticks to your message.



SUGARSGONE’s longevity will be in building a world class tailored lifestyle social e-commerce experience for brand ambassadors, elite fashion stylists, buyers & individual collectors of high-end consignment pieces. Through a variety of outreach marketing ideas, SUGARSGONE will develop a devoted following and become known as the most trustworthy place to sell/buy luxury items while reinvigorating and supporting a niche community.