Morbid History


Morbid History


The Morbid History App tells the story of serial killers and criminals from all over the world and from various points in history. Upon choosing the criminal, users have the ability to read about the criminal’s life and the entire history of their crimes. Users are also able to learn about victims, their locations and see a 360 degree view of crime scenes.




Upon opening the app, the user will see a quick "How-To" where they can learn how to work within the app to discover the stories behind each killer.




Serial Killers are universal. Users are given a world map where they can scroll through time revealing the killers of that time period and see how they have multiplied over the years.



Once a user has selected a killer they are taken to the killer's profile page. Here they will get a brief history of the killer and be able to socially share this information on Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook. They can also set notifications so they are alerted when new information about the killer is added.




While learning more about the serial killers history, they also are introduced to the victims and the location of their murder.




When a user has picked an area where the killer has murdered, each victim is written about in detail. Users can tap on each of the victims and learn about their story, where they lived, their age and their story, before it ended so tragically. This area will also detail the wounds found on the body.




Lastly, users are able to see a 360 view of the crime scene. Hot spots allow them to tap and learn what detectives look for and find clues that helped them to successfully take down the killer.