Hurley Internship




Over the course of three months, Hurley ICONS were separated into groups and were given different challenges to help the Hurley Brand. Our group was given the task to bring a new outerwear strategy that would double the business and strengthen the brand.

Phantom charge was inspired by youth connection to the digital age. Through extensive research we discovered powerfelt, a fabric that has the ability to charge electronic devices when worn. It works by creating an electric current caused by the difference in temperature between the body and outside climate. This proprietary fabric gives Hurley an advantageous edge in the clothing industry, as this solution brings together fashion and functionality.




Our group was also challenged to make our product more of a reality by creating a mock up of a window and in-store display.




Our in-store idea was to have a display easel where customers can scan a QR code to bring up more information of the product and see it's unique benefits.




In addition to pitching our own product in groups, I was also responsible for print work for Hurley events, billboards and in-store display art.